Introducing the CrossFit Broken Chains Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founder

Nate Hemphill owner of CrossFit Broken Chains

Nate Hemphill

Nate Hemphill is former Lieutenant in the US Navy serving on active duty during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Nate discovered CrossFit before its explosion into the mainstream in 2006 as a student at Navy Dive School. He began coaching family friends and neighbors in a 1-car garage in 2011, before opening CFBC in 2013. Nate is among only 1% of all CrossFit Coaches as a CF-Level 3 Certified Trainer. He has extensive knowledge in CrossFit training methodology, Nutrition and Olympic Weightlifting. Nate is on the Coaching staff at Faith RX and a weekly contributor to the Faith RX Athlete Word of the Day. Nate’s crowning achievement on this side of heaven is in his role as husband to Annette Hemphill, his high school sweetheart.

Our Professional Coaches

Phil coach at CrossFit Broken Chains

Phil W.

Phil is a local community minister. Phil spent the better part of the past 20 years on staff as an associate pastor and worship team leader. He fell in love with the CFBC community as one of its first members in 2013. Phil is largely responsible for helping the Broken Chains community live out it's calling to be "The Place for the Outcasts" - a place where athletes get exposed to Jesus beyond the confines of a traditional Church.

Phil is a CF-Level 2 Coach. Phil is a weekly contributor to the Faith RX Athlete Word of the Day. He is a husband and father to a stable of stud-athletes.


Sam was born and raised in beautiful Miami, FL and is currently a student at UCF studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish. She's been coach CF for one year, obtaining her CF-L1 in 2021, but started doing CF when she was just 12 years old. It is her biggest passion! Sam played softball and basketball for eight years and was a ballroom dancer for ten years.

Megan Fuller

Hey y'all I'm Megan. I'm a retired Army wife, dog mom, and bonus mom. I live off coffee, BĒA, and protein shakes and love mermaids, pineapples, and all shades of blue. I've been an athlete since 2000 and became an expert in the functional fitness and barbell realm in 2018.

After my high school years and all the sports, I fell in love with strength training in the gym and began my journey to becoming a trainer. I mastered my confidence in the gym and knew I could coach others to do the exact same for themselves.

I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist in 2018, and a TRX qualified coach and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in 2020.

I love all things health and wellness and love the confidence and self-esteem boost this lifestyle promotes. My goal as a coach is to help others raise their self-esteem through their health and fitness journey and show them how badass they really are.