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Our Founder

Nate Hemphill owner of CrossFit Broken Chains

Nate Hemphill

Nate Hemphill is former Lieutenant in the US Navy serving on active duty during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Nate discovered CrossFit before its explosion into the mainstream in 2006 as a student at Navy Dive School. He began coaching family friends and neighbors in a 1-car garage in 2011, before opening CFBC in 2013. Nate is among only 1% of all CrossFit Coaches as a CF-Level 3 Certified Trainer. He has extensive knowledge in CrossFit training methodology, Nutrition and Olympic Weightlifting. Nate is on the Coaching staff at Faith RX and a weekly contributor to the Faith RX Athlete Word of the Day. Nate’s crowning achievement on this side of heaven is in his role as husband to Annette Hemphill, his high school sweetheart.

Our Professional Coaches

Phil coach at CrossFit Broken Chains

Phil Woody

Phil is a local community minister. Phil spent the better part of the past 20 years on staff as an associate pastor and worship team leader. He fell in love with the CFBC community as one of its first members in 2013. Phil is largely responsible for helping the Broken Chains community live out it's calling to be "The Place for the Outcasts" - a place where athletes get exposed to Jesus beyond the confines of a traditional Church.

Phil is a CF-Level 2 Coach. Phil is a weekly contributor to the Faith RX Athlete Word of the Day. He is a husband and father to a stable of stud-athletes.

Betty Cesar coach at CrossFit Broken Chains

Betty Cesar

Betty was born and raised in sunny south Florida. She has spent her entire career working with children, youth, and young adults, in different organizations, scattered around the state. One of Betty's biggest passions is the "human race" and she believes that supporting, inspiring and loving the youth of today will always lead to the betterment of humanity tomorrow.

Betty has been training in CrossFit, her other passion, since June of 2017, when she joined the CFBC family. Betty quickly fell in love with Crossfit and came to experience, first hand, just how beneficial Crossfit can be for all people, physically, mentally and emotionally. Betty decided to take a leap of faith and earned her CF-L1 in November of 2021. Her hope is to be able to inspire and encourage people to become a better version of themselves, which she believes can only help better all of humanity.

Dylan Sankar coach at CrossFit Broken Chains

Dylan Sankar

Hi, I'm Dylan! I've been a CrossFit athlete for three years. I found CrossFit Broken Chains in 2022. In the time that I've been here, I've been able to master bar muscle ups, learn double unders, and even PR my snatch! I love sharing my love for CrossFit with all of our members.

So, beginning in 2024, I made the decision to join the CrossFit Broken Chains coaching staff. My goal as a coach is to help our members reach new heights while making exercise fun. I believe that working out shouldn’t be a chore and should be something that you look forward to every day. When you come into CrossFit Broken Chains, be sure to give me a high five because I’m so happy to see you here!

Reinaldo Cruz coach at CrossFit Broken Chains

Reinaldo Cruz

Hi! I'm Reinaldo! I started my CrossFit journey back in 2017 with CFBC. Being a member of this community has transformed me both as a person and as an athlete. The way this gym has encouraged me to become a better version of myself is what I aspire to do as a coach for my athletes.

I strongly believe in maintaining a positive attitude and providing encouragement to those who struggle, not just physically but also mentally. I strive to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves while working out and making sure they are learning and growing as they do it. I enjoy all things fitness, nutrition, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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